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Hawkeye Grill JK/JKU

Not only does this Flare Grill give your Jeep an Aggressive new look, but it dramatically increases the air intake volume to your engine compartment.

$ 310.00

Award Winning Designs and Innovations...

     Want a new top for adventuring, camping, or off-roading with your Jeep Wrangler?  FastBack, Targa, T-Top, Panoramic, and more featuring BoarSeal™ weather seals, hand-fitted interiors, sound-dampening technology, UV-tinted safety glass, and a range of options including a spoiler, interior colors, and sunroof configurations...

The Grill That Says "This is my Lane!"

   The mean-looking Aggressive Hawkeye Grill for Jeep Wrangler by Wild Boar radically increases air intake volume to your engine compartment, improves front-end aerodynamics, and protects your headlights to boot. We pioneered this "aggressive" look years ago. Our design is tough and trail-tested to offer improved performance over stock grills.

Storage, Shelter, & Easy Top Access

    The most functional cargo solutions available for camping gear, adventure toys, and other large cargo.  Rubber saddle dampeners eliminate all rack rattle. Detachable cargo baskets remove easily with quick-release knobs.  The rack swings upright to make removing your soft or adjusting your hard top a snap. Swing it all the way over and you have a sunshade awning for tailgaiting or just chilling.

 Air All Your Tires at the Same Time

   Wild Boar's innovative 2WayAir system inflates or deflates all your tires automatically to the same pressure at the same time.  Airing up and down for off-roading is now a snap instead of a drawn-out, multi-phase headache.  Quickly getting to the best tire pressure for Jeep Wrangler off-roading or daily driving is no longer a hassle.  This is a radical rethink on tire pressure management.